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The Elna trademark has always symbolized quality, innovation and service. Today, Elna continues to build the company with these three elements as the foundation. Elna has a firm belief in making sewing fun. To make sewing fun, the machines need to be easy to use, versatile and modern. As a result, Elna was the first to introduce special features like lightweight machines, automatic needle threader, heirloom stitches, expandability of stitch packages through the invention of interchangeable cams, cartridges, PRO Cards and EnVision Cards. In addition, Elna has always been famous for the quality of our stitches and the design of our machines. Check out some of the models that are popular in our cheyenne store, or click the Elna logo for more information.
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Elna 264


Elna 3230


Elna 664 Pro


Elna 745 Lock


Elna eXcellence 580


Elna eXcellence 680


Elna eXcellence 720 Pro


Elna eXcellence 730 Pro


Elna eXcellence 780


Elna eXperience 520S


Elna eXperience 540S


Elna eXperience 550


Elna eXperience 560


Elna eXperience 570


Elna eXplore 160


Elna eXplore 240


Elna eXplore 320


Elna eXplore 340


Elna eXpressive 830


Elna eXpressive 860


Elna eXpressive 920


Elna eXpressive 940


Elna eXpressive 970


Elna eXtend Easy Cover


Elna eXtend EL864


Elna Jeans 3210


Elna Sew Fun


Elna Sew Green


Elna Sew Zebra


Elna Star