Roma's Serger University
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Monday - Friday 10am-6pm     
Saturday 10am-4pm

Roma's Serger University

Have you ever wondered what exactly a serger is and what can you accomplish with one? This skill based workshop will answer all your questions. Join RoseMary in this 3 day workshop to learn all about serging. Students will learn to do things on a serger they never thought possible! Students will learn to thread the machine, how to use both overlock and coverstitch capabilties, put in zippers, use various feet/attachments  and many more things.

You will be working on the Baby Lock Triumph. Topics include: 

1.  Understanding all the parts of your machine. You will receive labels to make it easier to remember what those dials and knobs are for. 

2.  What is the difference between a 4 thread and an 8 thread machine?  What do the 8 threads do?

3.  No tensions? How do no tensions work? Relax - it’s automatic! 

4.  How to utilize the Differential Feed and when to make an adjustment.

5.  How to use many feet and attachments and how to apply them to your garment/project.

6.  Needles! How, when and why you are to change those needles – and not just when they break!

7.  Basic serging stitches, Flatlocking, Wave Stitch, Piping, Zippers, 5 thread safety stitch – using both ‘sides’ of your machine, True rolled and flat, balanced hems, Elastic insertion – the garment industry way, Specialty threading, increasing Overlock needle tensions, Heavy decorative threads, serging curves, Inside corners, Coverhems, Blindhems and so much more!  As a bonus you will learn a couple of special threading techniques not in any book!  Awesome gathering!

8. Thread – what is preferable and what isn’t.

9. Stitches - When to use what stitch. 

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Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Beginner to Advanced! Learn everything you need to know how to use a Babylock Serger!
Materials Included:
Fabric Kit and Workbook will be provided.
Instructor Name:
Instructor Bio:
RoseMary has been teaching on BabyLock Sergers for over 19 years and has been putting on these workshops on for over 6 years.

Roma's Serger University

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